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Hey There!

I am so glad our paths have crossed.

I’m Alyssa, Yoga Instructor and Wellness Enthusiast. I LOVE the outdoors, exploring, traveling, obviously yoga and most importantly myself! In the past, I would have felt uncomfortable stating that; afraid that proclaiming I love myself meant I was narcissistic, but this was in the past. A past prior to yoga and my self-love journey; a journey that ultimately resulted in my healing and now stands as the foundation and intent of my business.

It all started with me wandering onto my very first mat… CUE THE CHOIR! Just kidding, no this isn’t my story, mine is not one of love at first sight.

I remember feeling totally nervous and awkward that first class, afraid that everyone was thinking “I didn’t belong” and that at any moment I’d be proving them right! I fell over countless times, and I probably held my breath the entire class! You want me to breath AND move; at like the same time??? I’ll be honest, I felt more frustrated than blissful.

BUT, I went back. You’re probably wondering why, even now I can’t give you an exact answer.

Whether it was my ego seeking redemption or my subconscious guiding me, I continued to show up. Whatever my underlying motive, yoga worked it’s magic and very subtly began to challenge me to be present with myself and slowly shed light on my not so loving tendencies.

The person who stepped onto the mat for the first time was someone plagued by comparison, self-doubt and who routinely picked themselves apart; coming up with every reason why they weren’t good enough. Certainly not the description of someone with a very loving or stellar relationship with self. Sound familiar? If not, you totally rock and keep up the good work! If it does, you still rock, we just have a little work to do.

My intention is to remove the barriers that are keeping you from yoga; because I want to get into the good stuff, like rebuilding a relationship with your body and falling madly in love with the person you are now.

Together we will create a personalized yoga practice to fit your individuality, adapting yoga to your specific needs. Contrary to popular belief, yoga is not a direct road to enlightenment via handstands and splits. Maybe you’ll master these poses along the way and maybe not, but guess what, you can still be a yogi! Heck, you can be an expert and never even touch your toes. Yoga encompasses a broad spectrum of practices that are meant to fine tune your awareness for personal growth and understanding.

Let’s work on the postures and the bigger picture! If you’re ready, I’m ready! Let’s connect.

Lots of Love,



Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.
— Rumi

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Vinyasa Teacher Training 200hr / Banyan Gallagher

Yogini Path Immersion for Women 108hr / Kristen Stuart

Adjuster Method 20hr / Angelique Panther

The Art of Teaching Enhancement Program 80hr / Kristen Stuart

Advanced Yoga Nidra & Limiting Belief Training 60hr / Tanis Fishman

Wild Heart Barre Teacher Training 20hr / Emily Brooks & Aly Sudermann

Kids Yoga Teacher Training 18hr / Paolo Rigoni

Bachelor of Education: Middle Years / University of Alberta

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