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Learn to invite presence & awareness both on and off the mat with this 10 week Therapeutic Yoga Program - A small group class designed to benefit those limited in movement, requiring extra support or who simply wish to elevate their personal health and wellness. 

Develop a connection to your body and build your capacity to functionally and intuitively move based on personal structure and needs. While regular yoga classes focus primarily on postures and form, this therapeutic class will emphasize personal exploration through mindful adaptive movement, breath work, meditation and relaxation techniques.  

Each week you will be guided through intentional movement and yoga practices to emphasize areas of the body and your relationship to them. Starting with the legs and feet we will progressively move upward, developing the mind & body connection as we go. 

Take this holistic journey with Alyssa and you can expect to feel more connected and empowered as you move towards improved health and well being. Benefits include improved strength, mobility and stability & a greater sense of peace. 

Class size is limited in size to allow for personal attention, reserve your spot today by emailing

TUEs & FRI @ 10:30AM

Oct. 1 - Dec. 5

Investment $400





It’s no secret – life is full of ups and downs. Life can be chaotic physically & mentally and all these experiences live in the cells of our bodies. When we create time to acknowledge or heal the imbalances in our nervous systems & emotional layers, we create space for release and recovery. 

Stop all the ‘doing’, learn how to relax and discover true balance. Join Alyssa for 10 weeks of quiet refuge using mediation and restorative yoga – the sweetest aspects of a yoga practice that are often neglected. 

With the support of props and intentionally selected essential oils, you will be guided through the energetic and physical layers of the body. These practices emphasize conscious breathing & conscious relaxation, which cause a slowed heart rate, slowed breathing, better digestion and immunity. 

You can expect to slow right down, dive into tension hidden within yourself and set it free. In the long-term, you will sleep better, breathe deeper and feel like you’ve come home to a more integrated version of yourself.

Class size is limited, reserve your spot today by emailing

WED @ 7:30pm

Oct. 2 - Dec. 4

Investment $200